Tested For Victory, Part 2

This life is full of tests from the devil and the Lord. Are you ready to pass each one? In this message, find out what it takes to pass every test that comes your way.

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This report shows you how the Lord is using the Growing in Grace program to reach people we could never reach any other way. This report features some of our pastor partners in Liberia, Ghana, Togo, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Bangladesh who are touching many souls.

Rev. Steve is continuing his timely series by examining the tactics that the devil uses to make people drift away from the Lord. Often, people only realize they have drifted too far away when it's too late to come back.

In part two of this message, Rev. Chris continues to compare shepherds and their flocks to Christ and His church. Just as sheep depend on their shepherd, we are to depend on Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

In this service, members and partners share testimonies of what God has done for them in their lives.

In his sermon, Rev. Steve conveys five key signs of drifting away from the Lord. The stronger your spiritual foundation becomes, the less likely you are to drift.