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Many people think the freedom Jesus brought is only for the soul, but in this message, Rev. Steve explains that He brought freedom for the body as well.

This report shows you how the Lord is using the Growing in Grace program to reach people we could never reach any other way. This report features some of our pastor partners in Ghana, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Botswana, and Tanzania, who are taking the ministry literature to places we could never ship to, touching many souls. Also with a special Christmas and New Year's message from Tanzania.

Do you have the freedom of God's truth or the false, temporary freedom that comes from deceit?

In God's eyes, disobeying the Word of God is not a light thing. A Christian must be obedient to the Will and the Word of God.

In this service, members and partners share testimonies of what God has done for them in their lives.

Are you living in a way that allows God to move for you? In this message, Rev. Chris teaches us there is strength in God's grace to endure and overcome.

Do you consider the power of God to be miraculous or foolish? Rev. Steve takes us to the Word to give examples of those who didn't honor the works of the Lord and the results of their actions.